Finding a place to live in Copenhagen can be quite challenging, especially at the start of the new school year. The majority of people will want to live in the happiest country on the planet but finding the right apartment can take a long time. To find the perfect place, you need to be patient and wish for some luck to be picked among the many applications. When searching for your dream accommodation in Copenhagen, use the tips below to increase your chances of success:

Consider your Budget

Denmark can be an expensive country and this extends to Copenhagen accommodations. Students may need just shared rooms but prices can be high. Travellers who will be in the city for a few days can choose an affordable copenhagen vacation rentals a little further from the city centre.

Before you start searching for a place to stay in this vibrant city, have your search criteria in order. Determine how much you can afford in rent and deposit and in which area of the city you wish to stay.

Use Social Media

When you search for a place to live, you need lots of time and effort. To successfully land the best room or apartment, try to know someone who is looking for a roommate. If you are a foreigner, post on Facebook that you are going to Denmark and join different Facebook groups for expats staying in Danish cities or travellers who have been in Copenhagen. Try to ask for advice from your friends.

Search Beyond the City Centre

Almost, everyone who visits Copenhagen will want to stay in the city centre which means you will be competing against a huge crowd. Indeed, it is hard even for the locals to find housing there. But, you can be sure to have more options, if you consider living outside the city. In fact, living in an apartment further away from the city centre will let you get much more for your money.

Give the Landlord a Good Reason to Choose You

When you contact a possible landlord or roommate, try to be yourself. Keep in mind that renters tend to be deluged by potential tenants and you must make yourself stand out from the crowd. When writing a letter of intent to rent, try not to write like everyone. Identify the people you will get along with to let your personality show.